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  核心提示: 近日,凤凰游戏发行的武侠RPG游戏《幻想传奇私服三国志5(Fantasia Sango 5)》进行了一场专业媒体抢先体验会,与多家媒体...

近日,凤凰游戏发行的武侠RPG游戏《幻想传奇私服三国志5(Fantasia Sango 5)》进行了一场专业媒体抢先体验会,与多家媒体一起对即将上市的《幻想传奇私服三国志5》进行了一个抢先体验, 介绍了「幻想传奇私服三国志」系列的起源于发展 ,深入了解了《幻想传奇私服三国志5》从立项到开发到成品的过程,以及本代游戏与历代游戏的进步。Recently, the Phoenix game's Swordsman RPG game "Fantasy Legend private Three Kingdoms 5 (Fantasia Sango 5)" carried out a professional media preemptive experience meeting with a number of media on the forthcoming "Romance of the romance of the Three Kingdoms 5" of the upcoming listing of the "Romance of the romance of the Three Kingdoms" series. It originated from the development, and deeply understood the process of "the romance of the romance of the Three Kingdoms 5" from the project to the development of the finished product, and the progress of the games and the games of the past dynasties.

 《幻想传奇私服三国志5》媒体体验会:体验战乱之下的女儿情长 《幻想传奇私服三国志5》媒体体验会:体验战乱之下的女儿情长 《幻想传奇私服三国志5》是由台湾宇峻奥汀开发的系列最新作品,作为2018年开年的第一款国产游戏,自然引起了各方游戏媒体的重视。The media experience meeting of the daughter's long "Fantasy Legend private Three Kingdoms 5" under the chaos of the war: experience the daughter's feeling under the chaos of the war: "the romance of the Three Kingdoms 5" is the latest series developed by Taiwan Yu Ting in Taiwan, the first homemade of the year of 2018. The game has naturally attracted the attention of all the game media.

宇峻奥汀在制作游戏之时,承了三国历史与魔神世界观相结合的幻想风格,同时画面也经历了3D化的蜕变。 本作游戏在之前4代的基础之上,拥有着广泛的粉丝基础,不过由于各种原因,幻三5也曾经经历过企划差点夭折的情况。得益于近几年单机游戏市场的回暖,特别是看到《侠客风云传》等国产游戏的热卖,让宇峻奥汀有了再度重启本作的计划,才得以让本作与玩家见面。When Uodin made the game, he assumed the fantasy style of combining the Three Kingdoms history with the world of gods. At the same time, the picture also underwent the transformation of 3D. On the basis of the previous 4 generations, this game has a wide fan base, but for a variety of reasons, phantom three 5 has also experienced the situation that the project was almost aborted. Thanks to the warming of the single game market in recent years, especially the hot sale of homemade games such as "chivalrous wind and cloud biography" and so on, Yu Jun has been able to meet the player by restarting the plan again.


其中原本预定在去年发售,不过宇峻奥汀本着精益求精的态度,决定将游戏继续打磨。Originally scheduled for sale last year, Uodin decided to continue polishing the game in a spirit of excellence.

为此终于临近发售日,着实让人兴奋不已。 在试玩体验会之前,负责游戏测试的测试员向媒体曝光了一些抢先情报,例如之前公开的「精魄系统」、「主副武器」、「宠物技能」、「自带小游戏」、「昼夜系统」等游戏相关内容,同时还公开了之前从未曝光的只有满足一定条件之下方可开启的结尾「成就彩蛋」内容。For this reason, the selling date is coming, which is really exciting. Before the trial, the testers who were in charge of the game tested the media with some preeminential information, such as the previous open "spirit system", "master and vice weapons", "pet skills", "own small games", "day and night system" and other related content, but also made public the only satisfaction that had never been exposed before. At the bottom of certain conditions, we can open the ending of "the achievement of egg".

 《幻想传奇私服三国志5》媒体体验会:体验战乱之下的女儿情长 本次媒体试玩会提供了多达9个存档,每个存档分别对应了游戏的一些重要桥段,以对应的游戏进度为前提,能够让人体验到游戏中绝大部分内容。从开场的反派「司马懿」设下的圈套开始,到蜀吴联盟对抗曹,再到幕后黑手登场,一直到结尾的凄美结局,让人感受男女主在三国动荡之期经历的儿女情长。The media experience meeting of the "Romance of the romance of the Three Kingdoms 5": the experience of the experience of the war under the chaos of the war has provided up to 9 archives, each of which corresponds to some important segments of the game, with the corresponding progress of the game as a prerequisite for the experience of most of the content in the game. From the opening of the rebel "Sima Yi" set off the trap, to the union of Shu and Wu against Cao, and then to the scenes behind the scenes, to the end of the sad ending, let the men and women experience in the period of the Three Kingdoms in the period of turmoil.

 《幻想传奇私服三国志5》媒体体验会:体验战乱之下的女儿情长 游戏采用系列一贯的回合制系统,在3D化基础之上,保留了探索操作、战斗等核心玩法,并且对回合制战斗进行了一系列的优化。The media experience meeting of the "Romance of the romance of the Three Kingdoms 5": a series of consistent round system of the daughter's long game under the experience of the war of war, on the basis of the 3D, retained the core play of the exploration operation and battle, and made a series of optimization to the round fight.

同时,启用了全新的创作团队进行剧本创作,务必追求新的感受。 《幻想传奇私服三国志5》媒体体验会:体验战乱之下的女儿情长 在游戏试玩之后,各位媒体也给出了较高的游戏评价。 游侠:“本作在回顾经典的基础之上,顺应了时代的变化改进了一些游戏系统。At the same time, we have launched a new creative team to create screenplay, so we must pursue new feelings. The media experience meeting of the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms 5": after the experience of the battle in the war, the media also gave a higher evaluation of the game. Knight errant: Based on reviewing the classics, this book has adapted to the changes of the times and improved some game systems.

尽管画面并非出彩之处,不过这样的画风能够勾起当年的回忆,让人更感受到经典游戏的魅力。” 机核:“对经典的致敬与不变的初心,是《幻想传奇私服三国志5》的魅力所在。Although the picture is not colorful, such a style can evoke memories of the year and make people feel the charm of classic games. Machine core: "the first salute of classic salute and invariable" is the charm of fantasy, legend, personal service, Three Kingdoms 5.


它是藏在记忆深处的一泓清泉,世易时移之下,清澈之味依旧。It is a clear spring hidden in the depth of memory. When the time is easy to move, the clear flavor remains.

” 新浪游戏:“游戏秉承了前作的半即时半回合制的战斗风格,独立自动战斗模式让玩家在操作多名角色的同时既保证了操作性又不会手忙脚乱,十分贴心。此外一周目结束后的彩蛋让人眼前一亮,美中不足在于剧情略显拖沓。” 3DM:“暌违10年的幻三5在画面上有长足的进步,特效很给力,自动和手动兼备的战斗模式有点微妙的割裂感。"Sina game:" the game adheres to the pre - done half - time and half - round combat style, independent automatic combat mode allows players to operate multiple roles while ensuring the operability and not busy, very intimate. In addition, after the end of the week, the egg is bright, and the most common problem is that the plot is slightly tardy. 3DM: "the magic three 5 after a 10 year hiatus in the picture has made great progress, the special effects are awesome, both automatic and manual mode of fighting a subtle sense of fragmentation.


因为体验时间不算长,剧情只了解到一部分,但系列的粉丝不用担心,还是那个熟悉的幻三。Because the experience time is not long, the story only knows a part, but fans of the series need not worry, or the familiar magic three.

在延续经典Q版风格的基础上进行了3D化处理,画面清新可爱。"Vagrant starry sky:" on the basis of continuation of the classic Q version, 3D is processed, and the picture is fresh and lovely.

开场有些慢热,好在后续剧情丰富抓人。The opening of some slow, but the subsequent plot rich people.

半即时的战斗系统节奏很快,但在操作上有一些小问题,给人美中不足之感。The rhythm of the combat system of semi real time is very fast, but there are some problems in the operation, give a person a sense of lack.

致敬前代的彩蛋很多,对前代中萦绕在玩家心头的一些人、事也有所交代,老玩家能有“会心一笑”的感动。” VGtime:“《幻想传奇私服三国志5》的表现取决于你对它抱有怎样的期待,它继承了诸多国产RPG的特点,同时也做出了一些新的尝试。Salute the former generation of eggs, many of which are also related to some people and events that linger around the players in the previous generation, and the old players can be touched by "knowing one smile". VGtime: "the performance of the romance of the Three Kingdoms 5" depends on how you look forward to it. It inherits the features of a lot of domestic RPG and has made some new attempts.

对系列粉丝而言,这依然是一款值得一试的作品。” 网易爱玩:“作为系列重启作,幻三5在致敬和创新之间寻找到一个相对不错的平衡点。For fans, this is still a work worth trying. NetEase loves playing: "as a series of restart, magic three 5 finds a relatively good balance between respect and innovation.

Q版3D的使用比较合理,不过分炫技,战斗系统兼顾大多数玩家,剧情线完整,人物性格塑造比较立体,达到前作水准。”Q version of 3D is more reasonable, not overly showy, the battle system takes into account most of the players, the plot line is complete, the character character is molded more stereoscopic, reaching the pre level.

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